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Power from On High 


Archangels Power Generator

      A Heaven sent design has finallly arrived. A fuelless generator with no byproducts
     developed during
Green energy generation. How?  Why not?

      Because we use principles of Physics to create more electricity than it takes to
       run the generator.   (Yes that’s an  amazing concept)

      Normally it takes 1.4 Horse power of energy to create 1 Kw of electricity.
      We didn’t break any rules of Physics here. We just found other rules of physics
      that allow us to make
even more electriciy to be generated than before.

      It’s our TRADE SECRET !

      One use
 will be for recharging an EV’s or EV Truck’s batteries while it’s driving.
      Thereby extending it’s driving range.

      Another use is to power your home while
 being able to sell excess power back to
      the grid both day and night.

       Even more uses will be for EVTOLs aviation

      Bring it to your off grid log cabin or use it in your home.



The world is screaming for Zero Carbon Footprint, less pollution, reduction of internal combustion by products.  

Green, and Clean, renewable energy is being sought after. 


Well from this Heaven sent design, it's now possible.


It's uses are: anywhere a stand-by, portable electrical generator would be needed with outputs from 1 KW to 1 MW or more.  All without using any type of fuel.  Neither: hydro, solar, wind, internal combustion, chemical or nuclear.


Submission for consideration as the power source for the Manned Moon Base dwellings, Mar's living quarters, manufacturing equipement, and facilities is also being pursued along with off-grid living. This Power from On High (R) generator will create Micro-Grid dwellings immune to: 

National Grid disaster,

power outages,

and Natural disaster.


Stay snug and comfortable Day and Night, all year round. If your neighbors loose power, keep a 75 foot extension cord and share it with them.  I will calculate your power needs and design extra output for you to help out others in times of need for 1/3 the price equivalent Solar output.  Be the first on the block to be prepared and set an example.  It'll be cheaper than you think.


Founder/Developer/Inventor George Luniv is a Aerospace Support Systems Engineer in Florida. 


Currenlty looking for Product Development Parnter Investors to add to our Partnership with an exit plan of 5- 7 years.  Exit plan will have 3 options:

First option: to exit with 100% investment refunded plus 30% R.O.I. after net profits reach $1.5 million (oh, but you'll you miss our uplisting through NASDAQ.  Hey but if your in a hurry, it's your money).

Second option: transfer the investment into stock ownership of Alomega Inc (since 1983) and receive quarterly dividends.  Dividends will start after reaching $1.25 million in net sales is reached. Afterwards?  Intentions and efforts to  list on NASADQ with Series A Voting Stock designation with capacity of 20 million shares, will occur upon reaching  net sales of $1.5 million .

Third Option: Or, you continue through Section 1202 small business stocks,  and sell after 5 yrs with totally exempt Capital Gains tax. You can't say I haven't thought about your financial well being.

We have envisioned a pollution free solution for any electrified transportation. Either on the ground or even in the air with EVTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landings. Research it yourselves and be amazed)

If interested in becoming a Member write to George Luniv

and ask for the NDA before joining this project. or ask for the 10 page presentation for more information seen just below.If my response isn't fast enoguh send the same request to: .


We don't break any rules of Science just combine features of various concepts to consume less power than is produced by factors of scale. Our Trade Secret makes each generator we build to meet whatever your needs are.  It's completely scalable, portable and I am currently assembling the prototype, but looking for funding to quicken the pace.  It's cost is currently 1/3 the price of equivalent Solar output, but small enough to reside near your Utility box in your house and fits into the trunk of EVs. Recharging the batteries as you drive for as long as you want to drive. Think about it-- for as long-- as you want to drive.  Miami to Seattle 

without stopping for a recharge. (bathroom breaks and meals are allowed)

You could also use it in your EV and when you get home:

1).Park it in the garage

2).Open the trunk

3.)Take the extension cord out

4). ..and plug it into your home for

     electricity during the night.

It's perfect for that mountain cabin visit you've been dreaming about. 

If you bring your satellite Internet service you stay connected to the world and keep day trading your stocks in Ideal surroundings.

It'll perfectly fit in Motor Homes too. with-out the noise.

Especially advantageous in Cold climates where batteries undergo reduced performance of Direct Current voltage. This onboard generator will  supply all the electrical power to run the car while recharging and warming up the batteries. Perfect for marine use also. No fuel needed which eliminates fire hazard risks.  Think about that, less risk - now electric motors get even better.



For inquires about: meetings, presentations, or an NDA request to join the partnership, place in your email's subject line  "NDA request, or Presentation request" and send it to:

                  Tel: 321-505-2494

                  After 4 P.M. EST


Feel what it's like to be apart of

something BIG when you see this in   

your freind's house or EV, by donating once or multiple times you'll be contributing to the solution of providing clean,emission free, electrical energy availability around the world.  Kowing that you hard earned money will not be contributing to by-product pollution currently assocaited with Electricity Generation.


Or consider joing the Partnersnip.      electric-generator

Location: Melbourne, FL

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